The coaching sessions

After the first interview we'll go to work on your coaching question. In the coaching sessions, I'll ask you questions intended to clarify your situation and lead us to its core. You'll find yourself becoming more aware of the role you play, your contributions and impact. This is the "From Where You Are" phase of our alliance.

After this process of awareness, you'll picture the situation at its most ideal. Here you are invited and challenged to let go of your usual way of thinking and make room for your goals, wants and needs. This is the "Where You Want To Be" phase of our work.

We'll then build a bridge between the first and second phases. We'll make room for all ideas and options that can help you reach your goal. From these ideas and options, you'll select those you want to carry out. That'll give you an action plan with which you can get started.

The following sessions will be designed to support you and further help you carry on with your action plan, until you have achieved your goal.