The intake session

Your relationship with me begins with an intake. We'll talk about what has motivated you look for a coach. Sometimes it is a situation you are currently struggling with and with which you want to be helped. Or it may be a need you or your company wants to fulfill. Our first step therefore is to determine where you are now.

I'll also ask you what specifically you want to achieve with the help of a coaching relationship, what your or your company's goal actually is. You will translate that goal into a question, which is called your coaching question. That will give us direction and help us focus, as well as help us measure how relevant our sessions are with respect to the goals you want to achieve.

During this intake, we'll decide how many sessions are needed, how often and where they will occur. We will also talk about what you expect from me and from the sessions. Finally you'll hear from me what the costs are, as well as the terms of payment.

If both of us conclude that our alliance will work, I'll prepare your Welcome Kit, where you'll find our contract, a copy of the Code of Ethics and Complaint Procedures of the NOBCO (Dutch Association of Professional Coaches), as well as further information and instructions.