Who am I?

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1974 and since 2002 I have been living with my partner in Rotterdam. In Brazil I used to work as a private English teacher. My clients were mostly Brazilian and expat executives working at multinational companies. To the majority of them, those who already spoke English fluently, I functioned as a English-speaking sparring partner, and used the business challenges they were struggling with as subject of our meetings.

Since I was not an expert (and still am not) in Finance, HR, R&D, Marketing or Strategy, I relied exclusively on my listening and questioning skills, which were guided by my ignorance and curiosity. These particular encounters helped my clients clarify the situations they were struggling with and find new perspectives and solutions to them. Clients usually went back to work with an action plan, a concrete agenda for a meeting, a sketch for a new strategic plan or reorganization, or having finally taken a decision that was until that moment still difficult to make. It sounds like I was practicing business coaching, without knowing it.

Clients usually brought personal questions to these meetings as well. Finding a balance between work and home, conflicts at home or at work, uncertainty, dealing with emotions such as fear, anger or anxiety, time management, career development questions, or the uncomfortable feeling that life was not what they wanted it to be. Here also, I just listened, asked questions and accepted them as they were. That resulted in awareness, clarity, peace of mind, action , development and growth. I think I was practicing Life Coaching without knowing it.

When I came to the Netherlands I immediately started working in the hospitality industry. I wanted to come into contact with Dutch people and experience what being Dutch means, and also to learn the language as quickly as possible. I have been successful in both learning the language and in my career, and October 2008 I felt it was time to listen to myself and determine what next step should be. That's when Sandro da Silva Business- & Lifecoaching was born.

At this moment I work full time as an Executive, Business and Life Coach, while still holding my part-time activities in the hospitality industry.