My view

Not an expert, but a partner.

Deep in my heart I believe that you, me and everyone around us is a subject and not an object. By that I mean that we play an active role in life, that we are not victims. I believe we are able to make our own choices, that we actually know what is wrong with us, and that we are able to solve our problems ourselves.

I also believe that we as humans are full of talent and potential, and that we want to develop and improve ourselves, preserving and maintaining our existence, and thrive. I am convinced that we are essentially positive and dynamic, and that it is not our nature to remain static or be bad.

Reality for me is subjective: it is our own interpretation of the world based on our perception, our experiences, thoughts, feelings, memories and physical sensations. That is also what makes each person unique. It is therefore useless to tell other people who they are or what they should do.