1-to-1 Coaching

This is a personalized service that can be used for different purposes:

  • when you’re new to the job:
    your first 100 days, support in your on-boarding, adaptation and integration processes.
  • to improve your performance:
    to increase your efficiency and engagement, improve your impact and effectiveness
  • during transitions:
    to prepare yourself for future positions or responsibilities, transfers or re-locations, and in moments of change in career- or life-cycles.
  • for leadership development:
    influencing and delivering results through others, building relationships and capitalizing on networks, implementing strategy and driving change initiatives.
  • for the 21st century workplace:
    multicultural and transnational teams, leading virtually, developing responsiveness and resilience in VUCA environments, increasing creativity and innovation.
  • for specific groups:
    women and LGBT, foreigners and expats.
  • for career development:
    expanding, planning and (re-)orienting your career, personal branding.
  • to offer you a sounding board
    and trustworthy sparring partner to openly discuss your challenges, doubts, difficulties, uncertainties and frustrations, to reflect on and learn from your experiences.
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