What is Coaching?

Coaching is a coequal and non-directive alliance between a client and a coach. It's a dialogue based on questioning, in which the client experiences a process of awareness and self-discovery.

Its purpose is to help people determine their vision, wants or needs, translate those into concrete personal or professional goals, develop an action plan to achieve them and successfully implement it, while taking full responsible for their choices and actions.

In this process, the coach provides clients with no expertise, but rather structure, support and feedback. The coach is not the expert who knows better, but someone who facilitates the client in finding his own answers. The client is the one who knows better.

Although there is room for experiences and events of the past, when they prove relevant, the focus of coaching usually lies in the future. It focuses mainly on designing and implementing a client's desired future.

Serious coaching is result-oriented. It demands discipline, reflection and commitment. It is meaningless if the client is not willing to contribute to that.