Sandro was my team coach during my executive education at RSM Erasmus University.

Sandro demonstrated his excellent coaching skills while guiding our team moving forward. All the group members considered the team coaching session which we had with Sandro is extraordinary important.

Sandro has excellent communication skills, he created safe environment during discussion, and he won our trust immediately which allows us to have open and deep discussion. Sandro is an active listener, he thinks along with us and identify our problems.

He seldom gave direct answers, instead, he gave suggestions and challenged us to find the solution ourselves, which is quite innovative. Sandro respects people, I can feel his caring and empathy during our communications.

I would not hesitate to hire Sandro as a coach in my future career when I need.

Lixian Xu
Technical Business Developer


Sandro was our team coach during our first semester of the MBA program.

Sandro very skilfully steered the team towards capturing the important elements on team collaboration and dealing with conflicts, not by providing the answers but getting them from the team itself.

He also provided us with very useful material on how to engage and manage professional discussions and conducted an exercise on active listening which helped us recognize our own strengths and weaknesses.

I believe Sandro is an expert in his field and hope to work with him again in the future!

George Giannakopoulos, MSc
Project Manager
The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies
Johnson & Johnson


Sandro is a brilliant facilitator and executive coach with many years of experience!

We worked together at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Executive Education, where he successfully ran multiple leadership workshops.

He is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious, makes it fun to learn, and easy to remember. He always has a creative, positive outlook and he's good at organizing and bringing people together. His presentation style is open and inviting to questions, engaging, and thorough.

If you have development needs, and want to have fun while learning, hire Sandro! He's the best!

Anne Maccotta
Organizational Development Specialist EMEA, ME, Asia Pacific
Core Laboratories


I worked with Sandro over a full calendar year, through several coaching sessions, to get a better strategic view on the business and to sell the vision, internally and externally.

Sandro is a very patient person, always reflecting back at the end of each session how we did and what we can/should improve. He has a wide experience in coaching which gives him the right tools to go deep into the topic and to find the real spots where to improve. He gives new views on the person, the business and the relation in working with others as a person in the current business environment. Sandro has a strong character, eager to learn and even more eager to share and teach.

Therefore I would strongly recommend Sandro for a coaching task.

Steven Delanote
Business Manager
Parker Hannifin | Belgium


Sandro as a person has an extremely well-developed capacity of connecting with people and asking the right questions at the right moment.

As a coach, he maneuvers outstandingly well the answers towards the self-development of his coachees. More than using a method, Sandro works with a powerful style of his own to ensure the success of his clients.

Hugo Rodrigues
IT Service Manager
Cargill | The Netherlands


Sandro is very articulated coach and facilitator with a solid understanding of business value chain and how leaders operate within it.

He is able to build up trust quickly and challenge coachee to explore new behaviours and unleash their potential. He works with a reliable framework and help the coachee to grow in security and benevolence.

On top of this Sandro is very amiable and client focus and that makes him a very good partner to the HR function.

Francois Guyeux
HR Director The Netherlands & HRBP EMEA COO


I have the pleasure of having Sandro as a business colleague and a friend.

Sandro is an excellent listener, and helped me on a number of occasions to 'unlock' my thinking. I like that he is open-minded, respectful, supportive, and gives you his full attention.

I have even recommended him to a number of business contacts who he is now coaching.

Bradley Lang
Head of RSM Amsterdam Office
Learning & Development Professional


The power of coaching Sandro da Silva provides is that you will not be led by him. Sandro tries to listen carefully to how you see yourself, what words you use and your body language communicates. From there, he asks you the right yet challenging questions, and as a consequence you find yourself the solutions you would never think of. It is so powerful!

The solutions emerge 100% from yourself and therefore you believe them 100%. And you immediately take action and book results. You act much faster and are also more likely to do something about it. Below are the personal goals (of these first 4 months) I have achieved thanks to Sandro:

* Learning to say no to the things I do not really want to do (integrity).

* Prioritize and maintain my focus. Time management.

* Break my goals into doable pieces. I used to have excuses for not achieving certain goals, and I used to say I was 'not ready' yet. However, this was because I immediately had the final product in my mind and wanted to achieve that at once. With Sandro we worked on an start goal, which makes me realize (at the time I write this) that I am making my dream come true, something I had wanted for four years already.

* Unlearning bad habits so that I can live healthier, happier and more consciously.

Ozgur Gonul
22 years
Marketing & Sales @ DataMatch


Sandro and I met at the Rotterdam School of Management in which he was coach to my team and me.

I've gotten to know him as a very amicable person. Moreover, Sandro was easily able to zoom in on our key issues and confront us in a respectful way. This allowed us to maximise our learning in a comfortable way and made us grow as a team and as individuals.

I'm grateful to have had the pleasure to work with Sandro.

Ivo van den Berg
Teamleader BI & analytics
DSW Zorgverzekeraar
Executive MBA candidate at RSM


I got to know Sandro through a coaching session as part of an in-company training.

I highly valued Sandro's active and emphatic listening skills and his dedication to helping his clients further.

Through targeted questions and a variety of exercises he is able to put the pieces of the puzzle together to make you see the whole picture.

Astrid Bretterbauer
Marketing Manager at DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals


Sandro coached me for 6 months. My initial aim was to gain perspective into where I was going to in my career. In the course of 6 months he gave me great insights and helped me move towards where I wanted to be at this point in my life.

Sandro was very concerned for my well-being, but had his way of not letting that concern get in the way of my journey. He would let me get to where I was going at my own pace and time.

It was great working with Sandro and I would definitely recommend his services to anyone.

Mae de Bruijn
Unit Coordinator Debt Assistance at City of Zoetermeer


Sandro is a very talented and dedicated executive coach.

He has an intuitive ability to listen to and clarify our necessities. He also encourages us to identify our professional challenges and gives his realistic feedback.

I would certainly recommend Sandro as an experienced and supportive executive coach.

Luciana Oliveira
Postdoctoral Researcher at The Graduate Institute
Genève - Switzerland


Sandro is an incredible coach and individual, since he has earned the gift of finding the inner motivation of people.

He has been able to support me in matching my abilities and strengths with opportunities present both in the work and personal environments.

I look forward to keep working with Sandro in the upcoming years!

Kristian Voldrich
Business Development Manager


Sandro da Silva is an engaging personality who listens well and who manages to get to the core of the issue with ease and in a very relaxed way. This makes him both a friendly sparring partner as well as a sincere and fair mirror.

He brings in clarity, tranquility, opportunities and an overview. And by doing that, he creates the conditions for solutions and insight.

Machteld Lotmman


I would like to personally thank Sandro for his great advice and coaching that he provided to me personally. Our coaching conversation gave me more clarity on my personal life priorities and career perspectives.

Andrey Gulnev
IBM | Russian Federation


I hired Sandro in early 2013 for a vocational review and for assistance on redirecting my professional career in a way that I could make the best of my personal skills and ideals.

I had excellent results from the coaching program with Sandro and I am grateful for his sharp and practical guidance, which gave me great insights for spotting new opportunities and planning the future.

Fabíola Costa Girão
Senior Estate and Trust Specialist
Credit Suisse Zürich


Sandro as a coach is very refreshing.

He combines genuine interest in you as an individual with a focus on reaching goal(s). This combination makes him a very good partner for executive coaching.

Marieke Haaker


Sandro coached me very well in setting up my own business.

He is very passionate, very punctual and creative. Also, he is a very pleasant and caring person.

Highly recommended!

Ingrid Starrenburg


Sandro is a very skilled and naturally talented executive coach.

I have experienced him as a challenging and supportive coach, with a rare capacity to add value providing his clients with direct and insightful feedback.

I recommend Sandro to whoever is looking for a transformational experience with a professional capable of building strong partnership with his client, using intuition and feelings to listen beyond what is said and asking powerful questions to raise awareness and challenge behavioral patterns and limiting attitudes.

Andrea Cardillo
Managing Partner
TPC Italy


Sandro is genuinely interested in your way of thinking, in order to ask you that particularly relevant question that will reorganize your blurred mind; and lead to a better understanding of the hidden opportunities.

Sven van Touw


Thanks to Sandro's business coaching our team has become more efficient and effective. Most of all Sandro helped me to redefine my own role and strengthen my leadership. Great experience, great fun and great results.

Ton Veraart
HR Entrepreneur


Sandro is a highly professional and passionate coach, who can listen well and analyze with great focus. He knows how to go deep and quickly get to the heart of the matter. Also, he dares to say what needs to be said. At the same time, he is always sympathetic and patient, and makes you feel at ease.

I therefore wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach.

Ria van Vogelpoel
Management Coordinator, Support Professional and Recruitment Consultant


I've met Sandro through LinkedIn. We got to share insights when he visited our company.

I've experienced Sandro as a person with a very emphatic personality and very eager to learn how a high-tech semiconductor company does business. We both share a passion in coaching and his insights on interacting with executives were very inspiring to me.

If anyone is looking for an inspiring coach I would definitively recommend Sandro.

Hajo Lotgerink
Senior Training Developer at ASML


I had the chance to talk to Sandro when I had to make important decisions to quick start my career. He proved to be very professional, trustworthy and empathic.

When he saw I was deviating from my goal he always knew how to direct me back to the right track to efficiently reach it. During our talk, he helped me to look deep into myself and become aware of my strengths, weaknesses as well as my behavior. His feedback and questions helped me identify what really motivates me and how that can be both an asset and a potential risk.

I heartily recommend Sandro and would be happy to be coached again by him in the future or hire him for corporate training projects.

Charlotte Mercadié


I think coaching enriches one's life. You develop self-awareness and think about what you really want and how you can achieve it.

Sandro gives calmness. He listens. He asks penetrating questions, elicits self-reflection, challenges you to set your own goals and holds you accountable.

Through coaching, Sandro has helped me to rediscover my own strength. He has taught me to create calm and perspective. He has challenged me to face confrontations instead of avoiding them.

I am grateful for that.

Mirte, manager, 29 years old


Sandro is the perfect coach for those who truly want to grow, learn, develop and push themselves to the next level. His unrivalled questioning skills, empathy, impeccable preparation and professionalism have left me with long-lasting impression.

Sandro is able to focus on the core development needs, lets you determine your personal actions, monitors progress whilst supporting and guiding you. I'd recommend Sandro as executive, personal or life coach to anyone wanting to not only move ahead but truly want to transform.

Director at SAP


It is a real revelation for me that things in your life can really change. And that Sandro very subtlety but effectively helps you and holds you alert. Until you can carry on by yourself.

Because of this experience I have come to realize that you are the only one who can change something. And that you really have to work for it. Sandro has taught me that, and given me all the support I could wish for.

I've learned to do things differently, to observe moments and so become aware of behavior, action and reaction. And then do things differently so that you come closer to yourself and become more balanced and happier.

To those who after all those sessions with psychiatrists and psychologists, yet have failed to tackle things in their lives I say, "Do it yourself! With Sandro!"

47 years old


Sandro is extremely reliable, interested and involved. He makes you think and holds a mirror up to you. He also challenges you to approach certain problems in a different way. I am happy with him as my coach. It really works!

Director at The Machinist


I enrolled myself to be coached by you because I felt I had to choose what I wanted with my life. Almost thirty years old and still much to do. But what should I do?

After one year of making lists and weighing in, nothing ever changed. I found myself still busy at work, restless and dissatisfied as another year passed. I couldn't find a way out with my lists, or at least make decisions. What was happening was so new. I felt that perhaps a new approach would produce something. So once again I decided to try a "coach".

After six sessions with you, I find that I have lost a lot of my anxiety. I am more aware of life and happier. My doubts about my current position, my career and my purpose in life are largely gone. I feel that I have everything a little more in my hands. I realize that you yourself give meaning to your own life and may act accordingly. That gives me a lot of peace of mind and tranquility, which allows me to make choices and to be doing the things I really enjoy.

You have helped me to achieve that by asking critical questions, by being focused and keeping me action-oriented. Your approach is characterized by your no-nonsenseness, your clarity and your passion. No phony interest or wisdom clichés. You really try to understand how it is and try to contribute to achieving sustainable change. Besides, your way of coaching promotes self-reflection. That is good and ensures that insights crystallize.

All in all I think you're very good at your job. Previous experiences with other coaches, peer reviews etc. cannot be compared to the effectiveness and added value of the process we have gone through together.

Many thanks!

Strategy Consultant


I felt completely reborn after the session!



The whole coaching story interested me a while because I wanted to make my life easier. Mentally easier. I had tried it in the past I had but it was not what I wanted, because it gave me no answers or solutions. That's how I saw it then. Due to regular reading and yoga, I wanted to see a few things in my life change.

When I arrived at Sandro, we quickly uncovered what the core of my issue was. I was also aware of it, but was not sure how I had to solve or change it. We gradually developed more insight and understanding of my situation through exercises, by breaking examples down, by having a large mirror help up to my face, and by my daring to be honest. You sit with Sandro ultimately for yourself. I quickly achieved results, like no more thinking for others, not really worrying about the future nor the past. And that was actually the biggest eye-opener for me: to live at the moment.

Now that I'm done with the coaching process, I can truly say that I have profited a lot from you. A full-time job combined with setting up a new company is heavy, but because my mind no longer takes control, I've become a calmer person.

Entrepreneur, 30 years old


You're the just the right person people need to get that little push towards the next step!




I think you're very concerned and attentive and thanks to you I have now restructured things and all is more organized. I've also learned to set action points for myself.

You are critical and observant in a pleasant way. You really know what you're doing!

Entrepreneur, counselor and coach. 56 years old


Coaching has made me more aware of the way I think. It does not happen 1, 2, 3, but it has certainly helped me. I have tried to adapt a few things, and now I notice that it's easier for me to assume a different perspective.

Through coaching you will pretty much get face to face with yourself, as if you have a mirror held up to you. Because you've developed a certain pattern throughout the years, you can only break it if you dare to experience that confrontation and keep on practicing. You'll look at situations in a different way.

Plenty of nice eye-openers!

Leader, 26 years old


I looked for Sandro because I needed a coach to help me give structure to my life, and to find the best way to achieve my goal: to begin a new phase in my life with more balance, in an easier way. This new phase was mainly characterized by our move to a new house in a new city, by meeting new people, as well as by our children's entering school age. Maybe something very small for many. For me a big challenge.

Our session was very good, comfortable and relaxing. But it was very difficult at many times. Because of the questions Sandro asked, and the way he led our conversation, I was constantly confronted with my limitations, my fears and frustrations. It's amazing how many things came up to the surface in a single session. But I felt the presence of the coach the whole time as support, as the light that guided me so that I could find my own way.

It has helped me set my own goals and determine which tools I can use to achieve them. What I found interesting was the subtlety with which the session was held. At no time did I feel prejudiced or criticized, or forced to find a solution or to go beyond my limits. All the tools I found to achieve my goal were mine, and they were very simple. Small changes in my daily routine had a big impact. Everything was within reach, but only with the help of my coach I could finally see it.

Then came the period in which I had to put it into practice, in order to experience my life in a lighter, more balanced way. I felt very strong! I often thought back of our session and knew that the success of the process was my responsibility. And that's how it was! Of course there were many factors that I was unable to anticipate then, but even then I felt strong to overcome these situations and transform them to my advantage!

The most valuable lesson I learned is to create a moment of peace, think and then take small steps so that I can achieve or solve something, whether personal, emotional or professional. I am very pleased with my experience and will come back soon. My next goal is to return to work after a period of 5 years away from the market. I am sure that a coaching session will get me ready for this new challenge.

37 years old


In a period of 2 months I was coached by Sandro twice. I was facing certain things I couldn't really say what their reason was, nor what I could do about them. After having a session with Sandro, I could finally say what it was. In one sentence! That was very enlightening for me. It's unbelievable to be able to translate a whole session in one sentence.

It gave me a very clear picture of what I was facing and how to deal with it. The session has done a lot to me, consciously and unconsciously. I started thinking in a whole different way, and have therefore pleasant experiences in my work and home life. I understand now why I feel what I feel, and I have found tools to deal with it. I am really amazed at how two sessions have changed me in all I do, in a positive way.

Team Coordinator, 31 years old